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Serve Abroad. From Home. Anytime.

Have you ever wanted to make a big difference in the lives of people who are truly desperate, yet you may not have the health, monetary, or opportunity to travel?  Sometimes there are opportunities you can do anytime right at home that can have a big impact around the globe. One of those opportunities exist right now, all the time!  You can learn more about all the great things Eyes4Zimbabwe does for the people in Zimbabwe here (http://eyes4zimbabwe.org), but listed below are…

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Starfish Service – It’s only one starfish, but it still matters!

You know the story about a man who picks up a starfish along the beach and throws it back into the ocean, only to be questioned by an onlooker as to why he would take the time to throw one starfish back in the ocean, when there were countless starfish on the beach that would not make it back to the ocean.  His reply as he threw another starfish into the ocean- “it mattered to that one.” Do you ever…

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